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List of sprite/pixel sex based games

Never found the game hard and unless I out of date on my versions the game is currently unbeatable as it's not finished. I'm Stuck on the prison in Pocket Gal Hunter. Does anyone know how to pass through it? Too bad about the poor game performance, it's a decent H-RTT. Sprites are okay though but seriously fuck the dialogue.

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Yeah the "translator" was an asshole from dickscord or some other god-forsaken dead meme ridden shithole. If only they'd done a partial strictly for the game mechanics, instead of doing what Official anime translators do for a living. A shame really, because the game is good. Anybody got a DL for the full version of chijoku no troll busters and not just the gallery?

For : hentai game gallery sprite

Pic related. This game roasts my ass a little too hard. Since you seem to be getting shit done, know where I could find the change log? It was a Japanese demo game, sadly, except for that animation, the rest of it was kinda meh, and it died soon after. It's made by the same guy who made Tobihime flying princessbut with a "Journey to the East" theme.

Are there any other places to find good sprite games, seems hard and so many are filled with dogshit CG only garbage.

List of sprite/pixel sex based games

I seen a post talking about Mission Mermaiden I don't know how to reply to the post but if you are seeing this I found a file of a new version of a demo that goes up the the second level in the last area. The password for the file is hasumi. Thanks for that.

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I'd forgotten about it since it was first posted, but all that mind control shit is right up my alley. If anyone has a new mega link for Samurai Sacrament it'd be appreciated. Old mega link is dead. I was sorting through my old torrent folder and found this, I have no idea if it is an up to date version or not.

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Looks good, thanks man. Anonfiles is a bit sketchy but it's easy to dodge the fucked parts about it. Check the checksums. Retards can't use https correctly. The checksum listed on for the entire zip seems to be out of date btw. Pic is an old image I found deep down in the depths of my folders which is why I'm trying it now.

It's actually pretty good so far. As long as you don't choose to play Tails. Pixel art is good. It's detailed but limits itself by low amount of colours instead. All in all pretty good for what it's trying to be. Expect a bit of mindless repetitive enemy bashing. Mission Mermaiden just got completed and I got the file no password this time. Actually, disregard my idiocy; I see the extra quote at the end of your link.

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Do not bump you can also write sage in the field. Try to include some tags like tags: gallery, platformer, part vore I'll start 1.


Samurai Sacrament great h-scenes,would recommend as it's fun to play as well, pic 3 tags: monster, platformer, gallery Can't find download link, was a while ago. Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

No idea if it's in the gallery. I've looked everywhere, how do I access it? And that lack of conviction is why you'll never beat the game. Anyone know where I can find this latest version? Link's dead. As long as you don't choose to play Tails I never played sanic so I don't give a shit about the characters.

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The air inflation attacks from some enemies are not really my thing tbh. Enemies have fucking animations. Conclusion: All in all pretty good for what it's trying to be. Expect a bit of mindless repetitive enemy bashing and the same animations occurring quite often if you lose more than two times to the same enemy type. Reason [ Global ].

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