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Shipwrecked game how to get swords lady picking guy to flirtbook

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Hello everyone! Shipwrecked: Lost Island brings you on an adventure when you are on a ship and it breaks down. Along with many other people on the shipwreck, you are to lead them on an unknown island.

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It can turn into a time consuming game, but read on for some tips and tricks for Shipwrecked: Lost Island! At this point, you can speed anything up simply by setting the time ahead on your iOS or Android device, then going back to the game, and collecting the earnings of whatever it is that you were waiting for. This is mainly to be used for crops and other non-repeat tasks. If you have a repeat task, such as collecting from a house, then doing this and then collecting will cause it to take forever when you actually set the time back to normal.

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Another great use for the speed up cheat is to make debris appear on the island. Clearing out debris, such as detritus and rocks, is a great way to earn coins, experience, and resources, but they clear out quickly.

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Set the time ahead, and then go back to the game, and all of the debris will reappear. Do this as many times as you want to in order to rack up coins and experience. Gold is the premium currency of the game, and you can get more of it for free by completing offers.

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Wait to use your swords, however, until you need to clear out the jungle for a quest. Clear out the debris and build on the cleared land first, and use the swords to clear the jungle out outside of a quest only as a last resort.

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