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Lisa saw game walkthrough girl hunt for friend especially for flirtbook

Juegosipo Juegos de Lisa saw walkthrough.

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Everything about everything. At the moment I am enjoying puzzle games on my Samsung Galaxy and will post walkthroughs, solutions, answers, tips, tricks, and hints. The code at the end changes as with most of the saw games. The power miter saw and guided circular saw form the basis of my job-site power saw compliment. While I used to haul around a portable saw, it now collects dust in my garage since I purchased a guided saw system. Search This Blog.

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This is going to be a nightmare to play it together. I've collected 18!!

The only little progress: SPOILERTalk to the scottish man by the school, go right, see the saw, go back, tell the scotsman about the saw, then you can have the ladder. And talk to skinner in front of the school and show him the picture where he is in a bird costume. You'll get a dollar from that. I'm stuck, I have no idea how to wake Apu up, the alarm clock isn't working and I guess I need to buy the glue to put the statue head up. I aslo don't know how to get the pig down, all I can do is put the pillow on the ground.

I can't sing for gaga or use my sax anywhere. First I woke apu up, gave him a dollar and got some ice cream which I gave to Ralph, he then gave me his balloon which I filled with oil, I then threw it on the pig and it fell on the pillow. At the cemetery: Put pillow on the ground. Use oil on balloon that you get from ralph and use that on the pig. Then you can enter.

Then I used the candy on the potion and on the sling shot, but no clue where to use it yet. I still don't know how to sing to gaga. Alina: Put some oil in the balloon and use it on the pig. Raasti: talk to him and ask him for his glasses, he'll ask you for a kiss and use the dog quickly on him.

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I'm stuck inside the toy store, I can't get passed the dog. I thought I got it for the dog but I didn't, I can use the alien helmet on the dog but it gets out, I can put the glue on the helmet but it still doesn't work. Glad I could help. I know it's got something to do with the girl doll, but I can't figure out what the game wants me to do to it I'm guessing we need to combine the dynamite with the doll and light it but it's not working for me.

Well, I used the hammer on the piggy bank and got the 50 cents to get the balloon, but that's not helping me much right now. I need sleep before class though, so you're on your own until the others catch up. Good luck!

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I have no idea, all I can grab is the flashlight, I'm pretty sure it need to be combine with the batman doll somehow but so far nothing is working for me, I also have a robot let that can be opena balloon, a fan to which I can cut the cable and put it back together and the gun. You can look at the batman doll and take the bat off, the robot belongs to window in front of joker room but somethings missing.

But it isn't working. Robot with nitroglycerin and then window. Stuck with krusty doll can't move him. Hey, how do you get past the martian? I replayed and I'm stuck now where eliking is Swiss Miss said that you have to use the gun quickly.

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The magnetizing gun? Doesn't work for me. Help please. So is it the magnetizing gun? I'm wearing the costume already. Anything else to do with the costume before wearing it? Swiss Miss: Just the plain costume and then shooting the martian with the magnetizing gun?


Doesn't work for me, maybe I'm just too slow. No problem, swiss miss That's it for me. Do you help me??? I need code the door.

If somebody writting the code I will happy. Oana Aridza gave a good explanation earlier. It is quite complicated but you have to cut the cable of the fan, put the wire end over the lever then plug it in. When you go to take the stone, Chuckie gets fried. Unplug the wire and remove it and put it back on the fan.

I started the balloon with the little guy first and can't take it back to electrocute the. Does that mean the game is over for me? Now it's a common pumpkin mwahahahahah! I've done it in about 1. Not fun. I guess I'll watch a video walkthrough to see the rest of the game I can't put glue on the helmet to put over the dog.

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My cursor starts moving on its own and when I eventually pick up the glue, it won't let me use it then pick up the helmet. I'm having to give up and this is the second time I've played with the same thing happening :. Nice gamehad trouble with acting fast enough! Subscribe and get daily new escape games by. Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment! Posting walkthrough links to YouTube and other sites is forbidden! Please report any spam or unwanted comment by contacting us. Advertisement Lisa Simpson Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames.

The evil Pigsaw is back and will force Lisa to play his twisted game! Good luck and have fun!

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Play Lisa Simpson Saw Game. Marco, I've tried to wake Apu up with the alarm clock, but we need to make it louder. I stuck with lady gaga! This comment has been removed by the author. You can get a martian costume by giving c3pos statue to the comic shop owner. Play the sax on the beach in front of the tombstone to see the ghost of bleeding gum. I got it. I can put the roller blades on the doll but can't attach the dynamite.

My game froze Not sure if I'll try again. Good luck to you all. Put the batman symbol on the torch and shine the torch through the window. Can't get ghost to appear?

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I overlooked the fan a million times! Found it in Bart's room. PM Use the sheet music from Lisa's room on the sax whilst in front of the grave. Miguel Look at the tablet on the floor, it gives the order of which goes first. How do you put the oil from the kitchen on the balloon to get the pig down?

I already flew my balloon without Krusty being in the right spot.

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What do I do? Waow premiere! Post a Comment Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment! Weekly Most Popular Games. Amajeto Dessert Bar.